Race Day Reflections

After the car had messed up during the race we were kind of bummed. But Mrs.Susan had talked to us about what had happend. I realized why the car didn’t move. I realized that when the wheel had fallen off the axel and when I  put the wheel back on I didn’t realize the axel wasn’t in the spacer. Later on when we went back to our rooms Kylah and I texted our moms and Kylah’s mom helped us feel better by saying “oh no! I’m sorry girls. You’re still winners to me. Chin up. Things will be greater later for you all. Love you.” This helped because it supported us by basic saying you tried your best and whether or not you get a perfect score (ended up amazing). You still are. Just no matter what happens try your best and at least have a little fun and don’t be to hard on yourself.


We were outside getting ready to race and Jordan was setting up the car and she let it go. But the wheel on the car came undone and I was upset that the wheel came off but it was ok. And then the wheel got put back on but the axle was not put through the spacer. And the car wasn’t good. I was thinking we’re not going to get in the top 16.  Then I remembered that it wasn’t about only  winning. We just can’t give up!

Today we went to our competition and got to do two time trials. The first time the wheels came off and that made me surprised because I didn’t expect it to come off. Our second trial was when the car didn’t move because of the axle coming off the spacers. That made me mad because it was our last time to test the car and that was it. We had to stop doing our trials. But overall we worked very hard on our car and we learned a lot.

On our second day in Texas we began at 9:00 and went to an assembly for 2 hours. Then we had to do our timed trial. Sadly our car wouldn’t start because a few wires were disconnected and we needed to change the direction of the solar panel. So when we raced it didn’t work and we never got a timed trial recorded. I felt really bad like we were terrible losers. We worked so hard and did lots of research and were very creative. But it seemed like it was all for nothing. But Ms. Susan gave me lots of lectures and I think I understand that we just can’t give up. We didn’t reach our goals this time but we did try hard!



We got dressed up and went out to eat tonight to celebrate our hard work. It was a great season of Solar Sprint!

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3 Responses to Race Day Reflections

  1. Paula says:

    So sorry that things did not go as planned but you are all still winners!!! You tried your best and its not always about winning. Its about learning what went wrong and how to improve. You girls are making memories that will last a lifetime and learning to troubleshoot when things go not as expected will be need for the rest of your life. I am so proud of you all!!! Just remember to HAVE FUN!!!!


  2. Ms. Ashira says:

    So very proud of you young ladies. You did your best, and got to be a part of something truly amazing. I hope you carry this experience with you always, and it inspires you to work harder and reach further that you ever thought possible!


  3. Mrs Jackson says:

    Hope you all are having a blast!


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