STEAM at the Library: science, technology, engineering, ART, and math

PuppetPosterI worked with kids from the Edgewood Club as well as other children at the Edgewood Library. As an intern I helped to teach the basics of sewing, circuitry, lightening and how a battery works as well as overall creativity as the kids created electronic puppets. I really enjoyed helping the kids design their puppets, and guiding them through the problems that occurred. They seemed to really enjoy getting to create their own original design and watching them come to life, and light up. I learned a lot too. I had never worked with Squishy Circuits before (playdough that conducts electricity). I also learned a lot about the kids. I learned that you can do it for them 10 times, or you can do it with them once, they learn quickly.  And it makes me so happy when they can tie off their string and thread their own needle. I also learned some of the kids had never tried sewing and regardless, were still eager to learn. They told me about their favorite animals, their favorite super heroes, and the stories behind them, some of which were completely made up. They told me about what they enjoyed and it reflected in their puppets. Overall it was a great experience that everyone benefitted from.

Jessica Clancy, Junior at Harford Technical High School, CADD program

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