From your local junk yard

Edgewood Junk Yard Engineers  



Preceding their trip down to the local salvage yard the Junk Yard Engineers were inspired to design a sufficient form of packaging to help ship large vehicle peices cross-country. Keep an eye out for more details about their designs!

” They break cars down after they remove the gas tanks. They use the parts to use in company vehicles. They have sterling cameras, a fence, and train tracks to protect the salvage yard. The biggest problem they run into is that they have problems shipping parts to other places in the country.”

~Allan (6th grade student)

” What I saw was a lot of metal car parts that they can use to make new cars. But the car is the same car that got crushed. They set up security cameras to make sure that no one will steal their things. The last thing I saw was the crusher which can crush a car to the size of a 2 year olds knees. I learned that you can recycle cars.”

~Tony Collins (6th grade student)


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