Not what I expected!

The National Science and Engineering Festival


Hailey speaking with Astronaut Tim Peake from Great Britain while he is aboard the ISS.

We went to Washington DC for the National Science and Engineering Festival. It was truly amazing. There were probably hundreds of booths that were focused around STEM. I was able to talk to an astronaut in the space station that was at the time, over Italy through amateur radio. I talked to him about 3D printing in space and how they can use them to print extra parts and tools when they need to be replaced.

After the interview with the astronaut, we walked around the festival. I learned about good bacteria, and wound up with the awesome prize of stuffed yeast. Yeast is used to make beer and bread.

I also got to simulate slow activating medicine and rapid medicine by dissolving dye and candy in water.

We also got to ride a bicycle to see if we can turn on 3 sets of led and 6 light bulbs it was very hard when I got to the 6 light and then I got to how tall I am in centimeters.


Hailey, Grade 6, Aberdeen Boys & Girls Clubs

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