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IMG_1536 When our Harford BGC teams arrived on APG to compete in the Junior Solar Sprint event last spring, the organizers asked if we would be able to accommodate Destani, a Club member from the Cecil County Boys & Girls Clubs. Her team was unable to participate but she had come down to learn more about JSS. The Harford Clubs had one all-girls team and that seemed like a good spot for her. She jumped right in, offering support and even some engineering expertise. That was the beginning of an amazing journey for her and our team. After winning first place there, the girls traveled to Dallas, Texas, for the National JSS championship, and from there to the White House Science Fair this spring. IMG_1513

Boys & Girls Clubs are family–what a privilege to support one another and share in adventures as we all grow and learn together. Below are some of Destani’s observations from our time in DC. She was a great team member and we are grateful to the Cecil County Boys & Girls Clubs for sharing her with us over the past year.

I enjoyed meeting with President Obama. It was an experience I will never forget. I have to say my favorite part was meeting with Bill Nye the Science Guy. We use his videos in my science class to help us learn. It was very exciting to meet him in person and get his autograph as well as picture taken with him. I am so glad I was given this opportunity. It was nice to see my friends again. 

We get to be in his documentary, singing "Bill Nye the Science Guy!"

Seeing Bill Nye was the highlight of the trip for Destani. Mr. Nye ran their car off solar energy, offering engineering suggestions to the team.


Grade 6, Cecil County Boys & Girls Clubs

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