The best week of the summer!

The STARS program was a really fun week. It was cool and weird. The best part was when saw the tanks drive up the hill and when we met all these new people and teachers. It was also fun when we acted like chemists and did the soda testing. Mine tasted like warheads–really sour! Then when I added the sugar it tasted a little bit better: then it still tasted like warheads, just sweet warheads! All in all it was the most fun thing at camp.

Thank you to all the teachers for doing STEM with us and spending all that time with us that week. Thank you a lot to Miss Susan and thank you to the people that let us use the center, and to all the places that we went to see all the cool stuff and people. It was the funniest week we have had at the Boys & Girls Club this summer! I loved it!
Elliott, Edgewood BGC
Grade 6, Edgewood Middle School

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