13691102_10100139703710116_6627114622136959243_oWell, People let me tell you something–this is the best week I ever had! I was with a few of my friends and my favorite part of the whole week is that we went to places that showed us that people do great things.

On Monday we went to Systems Source and I saw a lot of cool stuff like how to program a computer and play this cool game kind of like Scratch but called Squeak. We even went to a computer museum and I saw the first calculator. It was very interesting. It was wired–not like our calculators now at all.

The next day got even more interesting when we made a car balloon that we raced. Some of the balloons popped but that was okay. And on Tuesday we even got to go to GM. YAY! It was great. We saw a lot of engineers and engines. They told us that they make different engines for different cars.DSCN0121

Next day was Wednesday. It was a mess! I was very late and I slept late so Ms. Susan went out of her way to get me on that bus so I could go to APG. YAY! They would not let me take pictures but the cool part on APG was that I actually used a remote controlled robot. It was AWESOME! YAY! They say those robots are water proof.

Back at our class we made a light bulb with a toilet paper roll, 8 batteries, a jar, some tape, and some kind of cord. Then we made a soda pop with baking soda and we needed some sugar and water and citric acid.

Well, yes I am going to miss my staff! They did so much for us today. YAY! I went to a computer class with a man named Mr. David. He is really funny and we played around with coding. It was really fun! YAY! We went to so many different places this week and that is a yay too! I am going to miss Ms. Casey but at least I can see Mr. Brandon at my Boys & Girls Club. YAY!

Alexis, Aberdeen Boys & Girls Clubs


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