9 Club Members Witness a New STEM Initiative

Featured Image: Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

In late September, President Donald Trump signed a new initiative that provides greater funding to STEM and Computer Science in schools. We had the privilege to send 9 of our most promising STEM-oriented Club Members to the White House to witness the signing. A couple of our attendees wrote short blog posts that describes their experience. You can read these below:

“My experience going to the White House was fun and educational. On the bus, I played games and talked. We mostly talked about what we thought it would be like to go to the White House. When we got to Washington D.C., we had a long lunch break before going to the White House. At lunch, we practiced what we were going to do when we got to the White House. Once we got past all the security gates, we were in the White House (before we saw the President). While we waited to see the President, we had the time to talk about what could happened when we saw the President. After that, we went into the Oval Office (the President wasn’t in there yet). When we first got in the Oval Office, we took a picture with all the companies that had been there. Once we took the picture, the President walked into the Oval Office. After he had sat down, a lot of cameras had rushed into the office for pictures and videos. It happened quickly. The President talked about STEM and what it means for the Country. It was a fun and educational experience because I got to see some of my friends and we had fun in Washington D.C. and I learned that other companies have kids that learn how to code.”

-Marie Webb (9th Grade)

Meeting the President changed my perspective on him and public figures in general. When you have someone as important like the President, you do not really think of them as equal to you. They seem like a TV character. Before I met the President I felt this way too. In TV characters can be one sided. They can only be mean or timid, that is their defining trait. I saw Donald Trump as a one sided character who was defined by his choices and mistakes. He made decisions only for his own personal gain. After I met him that changed. To see him in person as he walks into the Oval Office is truly surreal. I felt like I was on the set of that TV show. To hear him talk to others and crack jokes really puts things into perspective. You begin to see him as just a normal person and not some fictional character. You realize that whether you like him or not, he is a person just like everybody else.”

-Owen Jurch (9th Grade)


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