Seeing the Real World Applications of STEM

On Friday, December 22nd, Club Members from across Harford County had the chance to see STEM in action.

Paramount Die, a major Manufacturing Company, invited the Clubs out to their factory that is right here in Harford County. Paramount, as a company, designs and manufactures dies. Wire dies to be specific. The dies that Paramount produces are used throughout the world in the wire-making process. Pieces of metal are pulled through a continuously shrinking set of dies, until the desired gauge is reached. Paramount does not make the wire though. They solely produce the dies that the wire is pulled through.

The attending Club Members received a synopsis of what Paramount does, as well as a full tour of their factory floor. One of our attendees wrote a short post about the experience.

“I thought the Paramount field trip was really good. We received a lot of information, not only about Paramount Die but about engineering careers. I learned that Paramount Die creates a wire drawing tool. It stretches the wire to make it longer. They sell it to many different places. A few facts I learned about them is that they sell to a whole bunch of major companies, Paramount Die started in a shed, and engineering is the best job to have. The experience was amazing because I got to make new friends, see how Paramount Die makes there product, see the machines that they use to build the die, watch them use some of the machines that they have, and learn more about engineers. I loved how organized they were with everything. They always had us doing something so that means we were never bored. But the best part about it was learning the steps they take to accomplish their goals. I think that every kid who wants to be an engineer should go there at least once.”

-Daequan Mittons (Havre de Grace)

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