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This science is not fiction!

    National Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. We talked to an astronaut on board the International Space Station. We really did! Our Boys & Girls Clubs was invited to ask questions of Tim Peake, a British astronaut … Continue reading

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Traveling in style

Being in STEM means we get to do the coolest things! When we went to DC, we were so fortunate to be able stay at such a well known hotel the Marriott Marquis. During our stay we went to dinner at … Continue reading

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Hanging out with our new Girlfriend!

It was crazy! We had so many media interviews! And we met so many cool people! A female astronaut talked to us about team work (and how we do need men to be a part of a team sometimes!) Her … Continue reading

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Science Rules!

One of our chaperones, Ms. Chrisandra had mentioned to Bill Nye to make sure he stopped by our display during the event. When he finally did he was so funny, cool, and interesting. We were so excited to see him! He asked us … Continue reading

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“I never expected her to do STEM!”

It was so unexpected but this was a main highlight of our trip to the White House. I met Yara from the television show “Blackish.” During some down time before our event, we were able to roam around a portion of … Continue reading

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Live, from the White House!

Our team was interviewed as part of the White House Science Fair live feed. Ms. Susan and Ms. Chrissandra got to watch from the Executive Office building. Proud and delighted for our girls!

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Everyone is nervous…Bill Nye, the Science Guy, the head of NASA, The President, and lots of others will come chat with our kids! What a  cool experience!

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Power posing!

It’s going to be a big day for us! We get ready by “standing big” so we can feel stronger and more confident. And totally ready to share our story with those we meet today!

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Out on the town!

After a busy day at the White House and dinner with our program sponsors, our girls get a few minutes to play.

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We’re Here!

What a beautiful day! The team arrived at the White House to set up for the Science Fair tomorrow. The White House lawn is a great place to wait!

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